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CARE (Community Alliance to Reach Out & Engage) is a 100% volunteer staffed and donation funded organization, founded in November 2001 and formally incorporated as a Washington state non-profit with 501(c)4 tax status in October 2003. We have about 15 core team volunteers, 24 second tier team volunteers, and around 500 participant households distributed in about a 4 square mile area on the East Plateau between the Cedar River and the May Valley. We straddle both the Renton city limits and the Urban Growth Boundary.

We actively represent the concerns of our neighborhoods in policy/legislative analysis and advocacy in the areas of Land Use, Development, Zoning, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Stewardship, Youth/Community Education, Community Planning, Transportation, Public Safety and Governance issues. We conduct investigations, prepare comprehensive analysis and recommendations for land use applications and represent the community in hearings before the King County and City of Renton Hearing Examiners and Councils. We regularly cooperate with local home owners associations and the Four Creeks Unincorporated Area Council, and our participants serve on many different conservation, stewardship and citizen advisory committees.

One of our core missions is to establish and maintain constructive and cooperative working relationships with local government agencies and organizations in our community by encouraging and building mutual trust, respect, and cooperation to meet residents’ needs. We believe in focusing first on issues where there is clear and unanimous agreement of all stakeholders. It is critical to our philosophy to address and respect the individual participants’ personalities, interests, learning styles and motivations and elicit collaborative participation and measurable progress that builds community, preserves the character of our community and enhances our shared quality of life.

Core Principles:

  • Everybody is welcome and all get to speak their mind.
  • If you live here, you may vote in what we do.
  • Those impacted most, get the biggest voice.
  • We sort the ToDo List so that we work first where we agree most strongly.
  • We ALWAYS have fun!

Monthly Business Meeting:

  • 2nd Saturday each month @ 11am
  • Doofer’s Bar & Grill
  • Corner of SE 128th St and 164th Ave SE

Monthly Meeting:

  • 4th Monday of each month from 6 to 8pm
  • Lord of Life Church
  • Corner of SE 128th St and 160th Ave SE
  • Refreshments provided!

Everybody and all topics welcome at all of our meetings!

president – Gwendolyn High
vice president – Debi Eberle
secretary – Ronda Bryant
treasurer – Kris Hill


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